Champagne SuperLala

This is mine and this is supposed to be a secret, why are you here?

Walang Tulugan

Dalawampu’t walong oras na akong walang tulog at kailangan kong maging gising sa loob ng labindalawang oras pa para sa aking trabaho ngayong gabi hanggang bukas ng umaga. After that, I’m not sure what time I can get myself proper sleep. Probably after another two hours. 

I, honestly, missed this kind of feelings. The feeling of like I am floating in the air. Feeling high. Feeling like I am not here.

Crossing fingers against any sickness after this though.

“I’m never myself; I am always my mother’s daughter and my brothers’ sister.”

For letting my phone’s battery dead for two days I can’t seem to use it now. It’s not charging. -.-“

It’s so frustrating to hear and to know that people aware of my existence because I am my brother’s sister. I don’t have my own name; I am always my brother’s sister.

Other than that, especially when people don’t know they’re my brothers some thought and even asked if they were my boyfriend.

“Aside from the reason that everyone of us has our own problems that made us lonely and sad. I’m sure enough everyone of us has reasons as well to be happy. Share it, spread it!”

“You are the only I can talk to na with sense. Unlike others na “hala!” or “talaga?” or “awww!” lang ang laging reactions. At least sa’yo with sentences, may punto.”


Elfie to Laine

Elfie’s my cousin. Wala lang, masaya lang malaman na pinagkakatiwalaan niya ako tungkol sa mga problema niya. Sunday, it was my day off and she got a fight with her special friend over things and she waited for me to go online for hours dahil kailangan niya nang pagpapahingahan ng problema niya but I never came. That’s why she was too thankful when she found out I was online two days after the fight.

She even said that aside from me, she got nothing to talk to about everything that has happened to her. And she trust me, but here I am, posting this on the line. LOL.

I. AM. SO. HAPPY. TO. HEAR. THAT. SHE. TRUST. ME. AMONG. US. ALL. COUSINS. When in fact, I am not the one who’s closest to her. I might be the third amongst her list. :) 

“You’re teenager and insecure while I’m in my early twenties and I’m still myself.”

Really wanted to cry. I missed him so and wanted to hug him but it’s so impossible even just to talk to him or have a glimpse of him.

I still don’t get it. I don’t get why cousins are worried about my love life. Tsk. They don’t know I can like whoever I wanted to, I felt kilig when someone I like smile (not for me, though). They don’t know anything about me, they don’t have anything to worry about when I don’t have a boyfriend despite of my age (they entered marriage life early so for them my age right now is “too old” for not having even just a boyfriend), and I’m still young for heaven’s sake!